MigrationX® is a leading organization in the field of new IT technologies deployment and migration. Today, IT deployment & migration industry is one of the largest growing and revenue generating industry. It is essential for IT professionals to gain knowledge and experience on IT migration projects and learn about various challenging phases involved in performing a successful migration. MigrationX® saw the need of standardizing the knowledge, experience and expertise of IT deployment consultants and Migration Engineers.

Application vendors are always coming out with new versions of their products in order to provide greater security, reliability and more features. Over last few years, IT migration business grew extremely rapidly and it became one of the most challenging task for IT administrators to gain the knowledge of migrating from legacy applications to latest and greatest solutions. MigrationX® made significant progress in identifying needs of new information technology trends toward designing, deploying and migrating latest technologies in the field. IT migration engineers and deployment consultants became very busy designing and deploying latest and greatest solutions and removing legacy systems and applications from production environment.

MigrationX® took the job of certifying IT professionals & deployment consultants in IT migration industry by standardizing their skills, certifying their experience by following unique MigrationX® certification track. Our aim is to identify and certify true IT migration experts and give them worldwide recognition as Certified Migration Expert (CME)®.

MigrationX™ has three modern IT Certifications designed for IT professionals who are passionate about IT migration and deployment.
  • Certified Migration Associate (CMA)®
  • Certified Migration Professional (CMP)®
  • Certified Migration Expert (CME)®

Unique MigrationX® Certification Track is made with three certifications mentioned above. Interested individuals should apply for MigrationX® certifications and pass the exams one by one or meet certain criteria to earn MigrationX® certifications.

Being Migration Expert is a very challenging job and you can grow your career fast without worrying about changing economy trends every few months. MigrationX encourage all the IT professionals to follow unique MigrationX® Certification Track and earn MigrationX® certifications to become Certified Migration Expert (CME).

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